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The world is full of germs, and the news is full of stories about infectious diseases and antibiotic-resistant superbugs. What can parents do to protect their children? Keeping Your Child Healthy in a Germ-Filled World gives parents the information they need to shield their kids from infections and keep their family healthy.

Infections are harmful, but not all germs are bad. Dr. Athena P. Kourtis, a pediatrician and infectious disease specialistand motherteaches parents how to protect their kids without going overboard. She helps parents sort through the latest information about antibiotics, vaccines, hygiene, health foods, and home remedies, and she identifies which rules to followand which ones to ignore. She says:

No to overprotecting your children from germs
No to antimicrobial soaps and cleaning products at home
No to over-prescribed antibiotics
Yes to strategic hand washing
Yes to being conscious of germs and the pathways they use
Yes to vaccines

She offers tips for protecting your children wherever they areat home or school, on the playground, while travelingand whatever they are doingplaying sports, camping, visiting the beachand answers questions that commonly worry parents. How many times should you wash prewashed spinach? (At least twice.) Does getting enough sleep help fight infection? (Yes.) Are pre-sliced foods more likely to spread infection? (They are.)

Reading this comprehensive, illustrated guide is the first step to keeping your family healthy. Up-to-date, accurate information and a clear understanding of how germs and our bodies work will help you and your child stay afloat in the microbial sea.

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Keeping Your Child Healthy in a Germ-Filled World

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