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King Conte tells the sensational story of how Antonio Conte won the Premier League in his first season in charge of Chelsea Football Club replacing Jose Mourinho as the 'Special One' in the hearts of all Blues fans. After winning their first three games, Chelsea hit the buffers when they lost two games in a row in September against Liverpool and Arsenal. Master tactician Conte - who had won three consecutive Serie A titles as manager of Juventus - decided to change the formation from a flat back four to a five-man defence. Using Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso as wing-backs, the team became much more stable and were able counter attack at speed with Eden Hazard and Pedro so dangerous on the flanks and Diego Costa back to his belligerent best up front. Chelsea went on a 13-match winning streak and clinched the title with two games to spare ending the season with a record 30 wins. The mainstay of Conte's team was the tough-tackling midfield dynamo N'Golo Kante who became the first player to win the Premier League with two different clubs in consecutive seasons and was deservedly named PFA Player of The Year as well as winning the club's Players' Player Award. Conte in describing his historic season said : " Every single player performed at 120 or 130 per cent in every game. This season has been a great one for us, to win the league with 30 victories, and reach the final of the FA Cup is incredible. We must be proud." Recalling how Conte masterminded one of the greatest seasons in Chelsea's history is legendary soccer scribe Harry Harris who has written more than 75 best-selling football books.


Generi Sport » Calcio » Altri sport

Editore G2 Rights Ltd

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/06/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781782817581

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King Conte

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