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"This's molecular gastronomy is garnished with [his] own rich philosophy of food and flavor" in a book that reveals the science behind everyday cooking (Nature).

In Kitchen Mysteries, Hervé Thisinternational celebrity and founder of molecular gastronomyoffers a second helping of his world-renowned insight into the science of cooking, answering such fundamental questions as what causes vegetables to change color when cooked and how to keep a soufflé from falling. He illuminates abstract concepts with practical advice and concrete examplesfor instance, how sautéing in butter chemically alters the molecules of mushroomsso that cooks of every stripe can thoroughly comprehend the scientific principles of food.

By sharing the empirical principles chefs have valued for generations, Hervé This adds another dimension to the suggestions of cookbook authors. He shows how to adapt recipes to available ingredients and how to modify proposed methods to the utensils at hand. His revelations make difficult recipes easier to attempt and allow for even more creativity and experimentation. Promising to answer your most compelling kitchen questions, Hervé This continues to make the complex science of food digestible to the cook.

"Cooks who want to learn more about the chemistry and physics that make their efforts possible will discover useful things here."Booklist

"This has made invisible processes visible, revealed the mysteries, and the bread has risen, baked, and been enjoyed."Appetite for Books

"[An] eye-opening book."Portsmouth Herald

"Kitchen Mysteries is another tour de force for the French scientific chef . . . Highly Recommended."Choice


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Kitchen Mysteries

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