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Know Yourself

pubblicato da Beshara Publications

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This short book introduces a view of the world which is very different to that held by many people. For some, it may serve a purpose in shattering preconceived notions and presenting an entirely new perspective which opens up a compassionate and responsive universe. It reflects an ardent desire to reach beyond the peripheral uncertainties of everyday life and discover for ourselves a certainty in the oneness of being which constantly flows through everything that is. This is a new translation of the first complete work attributed to Ibn Arabi (1165-1240) to appear in a western language. The earlier translation has been instrumental in making Ibn Arabi's name known again in the West over the last century, even though the author of the book is now considered by many scholars to be Balyani, a near contemporary, who may well have been influenced by his thought. The translation has been made using several Arabic manuscripts from libraries in the UK, Turkey and Syria. The sheer quantity of manuscripts available shows how popular this book has remained for more than seven centuries and how many times it has been copied and recopied by hand. It should be borne in mind, however, that each time a manuscript is copied a few mistakes, alterations and added notes by the copyist may creep in. So although the text remains basically the same, there are often many minor variations on the general theme. In particular, there are also variations on the title and the author to whom the work is attributed. The most popular title for the book is the Treatise on Unity (Risalat al-ahadiyya), which is similar to the title of a work which is definitely by Ibn Arabi, The Book of Unity (Kitab al-ahadiyya) or The Book of Alif. This may explain some of the confusion that has arisen over the authorship of the work. Ibn 'Arabi is most famous for his teachings on the oneness of being (wahdat al-wujud) and human perfection. Ibn Arabi describes the world as the exteriorization of a single hidden reality. All that we see as creation is a divine self-revelation which is constantly renewed in different forms at every moment. Every human being has the potential to become a complete mirror to Reality, therefore integrating all aspects of life in a balanced and appropriate way. Above all, the movement of existence is the movement of love for the sake of the revelation of beauty. Ibn Arabi remains one of the most influential figures in the Islamic world. As S.H. Nasr has said: 'It would not be an exaggeration to say that Ibn Arabi is the most influential intellectual figure in the Islamic world during the past seven centuries, if the whole world is considered.' Today, his work is once again becoming increasingly well known in the West where he was born, due to the universal aspect of his thought. There is now a wealth of information about his life and work. Awhad al-din Balyani (died 1287), also known as Abu Abdallah Balyani, was a Sufi Shaykh from the region of Persia known as Shiraz. Very little is known about him for certain and his name is currently only heard of within academic or Sufi circles. Cecilia Twinch is a Senior Research Fellow of the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society, Oxford, UK, and has lectured on Ibn Arabi worldwide. Her published works include an English translation, with Pablo Beneito, of one of Ibn Arabi's earliest works, Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries. The translation is based on a representative selection of Arabic manuscripts held in several national libraries, some attributed to Ibn Arabi and some to Balyani. The sheer quantity of manuscripts available demonstrates the enduring popularity of this book over the last seven centuries. This translation was first published in 2011. The translator also provides useful background information, references, translator's notes on the text and bibliography. The Cover was designed by Marijke van Basten Batenburg and the cover image artwork is by Hiroko Nagato-Apthorp.

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Know Yourself

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