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In a grimy industrial town in the North East of England, corruption reigns in high places The ambitious Mayor has brought prosperity to some, mainly himself, but most of the population are struggling to survive. Then, a celebration for the great and the good turns into an orgy.and many lusts and perversions are exposed within the corridors of power. Closure and redevelopment of the docks has left many out of work and the pressure of life has increased the levels of crime and prostitution on the streets. Perfect territory for a serial killer, but this killer has a further, macabre motivation. Only the young are at risk and mostly young girls are going missing. Their bodies are not showing up though, making detection a nightmare for the local police. They need a breakthrough. Can it be the celebrity chef who is behind all of this?
A full length novel of 75,000 words.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Gialli, mistery e noir » Legal, Thriller e Spionaggio , Gialli Noir e Avventura » Legal thriller e thriller politico

Editore John Piper

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781310633195

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La Creme de la Crem

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