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Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism

Laura Perry
pubblicato da Laura Perry

Prezzo online:

In this newly revised and updated second edition of Labrys and Horns, you'll find the pantheon, rituals, symbols and practices of Modern Minoan Paganism, the spiritual tradition of Ariadne's Tribe. The second edition is enlarged and expanded, including a great deal of new information as Ariadne's Tribe has grown and evolved over the past few years.

Ariadne's Tribe spirituality is a revivalist tradition that connects the deities of ancient Crete with modern Pagans in a living spiritual practice. With a pantheon headed by a triplicity of mother goddesses who embody the three sacred realms of land, sky, and sea, Minoan spirituality calls us to remember a time when women were valued as equals to men, when the Great Mothers took care of all their children, and when the sacred touched every person every day of their lives.

Minoan spirituality is so relevant to our times, when we're doing our best to move forward and away from inequality and oppression.

This book can help you build relationships with the Minoan deities and bring their blessings into your life, and from there, into the larger world.

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Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism

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