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Lancashire Cricket Club: Every Day of the Year is a chronological record of facts, figures and trivia that have occurred on every day of the year during the life of Lancashire Cricket Club and tells the story of Lancashire's long and eventful history. With individual diary entries for every day of the year, plus multiple listings on busier dates, it is full of Old Trafford heroes (and villains) and tells the tales of the matches and the characters, the promotions and relegations - indeed, all the events, however big or small, that have helped make Lancashire CCC the club it is today.

The book begins on 1st January and continues through to 31st December and is a fascinating collection of happenings, some good, some not so good but all will be of interest to Lancashire cricket fans, young and old. It contains details of magnificent batting displays to embarrassing collapses, serious controversy to comedy moments, it's all include. The book takes the reader on a journey from the very start of Lancashire cricket through to the present day with many quotes from the big and not so big names.

January and February tells of many births and deaths along with Lancashire players who were representing their countries in test matches. March and April tells of staff appointments, tours, misdemeanours, season openers and Lancashire women! The summer months concentrate on league games at all the various venues used by the club in both home and away matches along with details of the many other games like University matches and Twenty20 competitions. Many first-class records were broken and these too are explained in some detail. The winter months include miscellaneous matches, promotions and relegations, trophy wins, controversial sackings and sensational signings.


Generi Sport » Altri sport

Editore Wibble Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 10/12/2014

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230000284936

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Lancashire Cricket Club: Every Day of the Year

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