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Language Mixing Portuguese: The Little Words

Alfred Schneider
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A new language-learning technique

Trick your brain into accepting Portuguese words as "English". We pretend that Portuguese words are actually newly-coined English words.

It's technique is called "Diglot Weave".


One University in Iran experimented with the method on some high schoolers learning English. Half the kids learned using standard methods, and the other half used the Diglot Weave method. Afterwards, they all sat a test. What were the results?

The kids taught the usual way scored 12 out of 25, but the kids taught with the Diglot Weave method scored nearly double - 23 out of 25!

Also, some kindergartens in China use a variation of the method they invented to teach children English. The kids enjoy it much more than the usual approaches, and the teachers report better results overall. Parents also appreciate it, because they see their children learning English much more quickly and easily than before.

Want to try it?

This book includes over 80 Portuguese conjunctions and prepositions like "and", "with", "for", and so on - the little words vital to creating sentences. We mix them into fully English sentences. By the end of the book, your brain should be tricked into thinking that these words are "English".

Words included

a = the (fem.)
a = to [direction]
ademais = besides
ainda = yet
algum = some (masc.)
alguma = some (fem.)
algumas = some (fem. plural)
alguns = some (masc. plural)
além disso = furthermore
ambas = both (fem.)
ambos = both (masc.)
antes = before
ao lado de = next to
apesar de = despite
as = the (fem. plural)
assim = so
assim = thus
através = through
até = as far as
até = until
até = up to
bem = well [then]
cada = each
com = with
como = like [similar]
conquanto = though
contra = against [position]
contudo = however
de acordo com = according to
de qualquer maneira = anyhow
de = from
de = of
dentro = inside
depois = after
desde = since [time]
durante = during
e = and
em caso = in case
em direção a = towards
em todo o caso = anyway
em vez de = rather than
em = in
embora = although
enquanto = while
entre = among
entre = between
então = then
exceto = except
extremamente = extremely
incluindo = including
jamais = at no time
já que = since [that]
mas = but
muita = very (fem.)
muito = very (masc.)
nem ... nem ... = neither nor
nem = don't even
nem = nor
nem = not even
nunca = never
não obstante = nevertheless
o = the (masc. plural)
os = the (masc.)
ou = or
outra = other (fem.)
outras = others (fem. plural)
outro = other (masc.)
outros = others (masc. plural)
para = for [someone]
para = to [purpose]
por = by
por = for [purpose]
porque = because
portanto = therefore
porém = however
que = than
que = that
se = if
sem = without
sempre = always
sobre = about [topic]
sobre = on
também = also
todas = all (fem.)
todavia = still
todos = all (masc.)
tudo = everything (masc.)
tão = so
um = a/an (masc.)
uma = a/an (fem.)
visto que = since [that]


Generi Lingue e Dizionari » Corsi di lingua e cultura spagnola e portoghese » Corsi di spagnolo e portoghese


Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 05/10/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781838123420

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Language Mixing Portuguese: The Little Words

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