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Law & Disorder:

John Douglas - Mark Olshaker
pubblicato da Pinnacle Books

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The legendary FBI criminal profiler and inspiration for the hit Netflix show Mindhunter offers a personal look into the workings of the justice system.

"At the top of his form." James Patterson

For the first time since his retirement, the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The Killer Across the Table and The Killer's Shadow teams up with award-winning author Mark Olshaker to delve into his most notorious and baffling cases, showing what it's like to confront evil in its most monstrous form.

No one is better acquainted with the subject of humanity's most notorious crimes and the wrenching challenges of bringing those criminals to justice than John Douglas, the model for Agent Jack Crawford in *The Silence of the Lambs.*In this provocative and deeply personal book, the most prominent criminal investigator of our time recounts his twenty-five-year FBI career tracking down master criminals, writing true crime bestsellers, and developing forensic science and the art of criminal profiling.

In his earlier works, Douglas wrote only about the guilty; in Law & Disorder, he writes about the guilty, innocents accused, and even innocents convicted as he addresses every law enforcement professional's worst nightmare: those cases where, for one reason or another, justice was delayed . . . or even denied.

A deep glimpse into the mind of a man who has explored the heart of human darkness, he looks tounlock for his readers the ultimate mystery of depravity and the techniques and approaches that have countered evil in the name of justice throughout his career.

"An essential title for those interested in true crime stories, forensic science, or law enforcement." Library Journal (starred review)

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Law & Disorder:

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