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A Piano Lessons Beginners Guide for Children & Adults.
This Kindle book is suitable for children and adults who are about to start piano, keyboard or organ lessons.

This book is aimed specifically at beginners who want to learn to play a keyboard instrument, this can be piano, electronic keyboard and electric organ. I actually wrote this book for myself to use as a resource when I teach new students how to play the piano. Since every piano keyboard player has had to learn what's in this book, it made sense to create a book that's easy to follow and can easily be shared.

This learn to play piano book should be used before you buy a course book, in fact it should be the first book you go to before you start to play the piano. All keyboard players know this information, all piano teachers will teach you the information in this book before giving you sheet music to play.

This is not a learn to play in 24 hours book, its not for advanced players, there's no secrets in this book, the info in this book is freely available if you want to search for it. I like to call the info in this piano book "essential information" for students who know nothing about music theory and playing the piano. Here's what's in this book:

01 Note names on the keyboard
In this section you will learn all the white notes on a keyboard

02 The staff
Here we show what the staff looks like and what symbols you can expect to see in lesson 1.

03 Notes on the staff
Here you will learn what the notes are called on the staff.

04 Middle C
Here you will find where middle C is on the staff and the keyboard

05 Note values
Discover music notes used in lesson 1 with different beat values

06 Hand position
Hand shape and position on the keyboard.

07 5 finger exercise
This is your first exercise to get those fingers working.

08 Read the notes you are playing
Here you will read the notes in the 5-finger exercise.

09 Finger numbers
Learn what each fingers number is.

10 Play your first piece of music
Here you will play your first piece of music with your right hand

Piano teachers can use this book as a teaching aid for new students. Beginners can use this if they want to have a go themselves. I have used the methods outlined in this book for over thirty years teaching my own new students.

My name is Michael Shaw, I hope you find this book useful, Good luck with your music


Generi Musica » Altri stili e generi » Strumenti musicali e Insiemi strumentali

Editore Michael Shaw

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781310228667

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Learn To Play The Piano: A Beginners Guide

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