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A Life Awakening: Whispers from Within. Ethan Elliot Series, Book One.

pubblicato da Ryan Stevenson

Prezzo online:

A Life Awakening is a chronicle about the troubled life of a young man named Ethan Elliot, as told by his spirit guide, William. In the first of this series, Whispers from Within, we join Ethan as he feels he finally has found his soul mate in his relationship with Jennifer. Little does Ethan realize that his entire world is about to be turned upside down. Yet, as Ethan's spirit guide, and with minimal intervention, William will guide Ethan to places he never expected to go, and to people he never expected to meet.
Ethan's story begins in New York, when problems developed in his relationship with Jennifer. Heartbroken, Ethan, with the aid of divine intervention, decides to move on, in the hope of finding greener pastures and a new life. What Ethan discovers about himself is an important milestone, as it is to all of us when we awaken to the myriad of possibilities in the lives our souls chose to live.
As Ethan listens to stories of the many people he meets from all walks of life, he slowly begins to re-evaluate his own true purpose in life. With the progression of both time and maturity, Ethan discovers the very essence of life itself, as well as the importance of those whom he considers true friends.
Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you thought everything was perfect, only to discover that circumstances were about to change abruptly? Whispers from Within will open your eyes to possibilities that at first blush you never would have considered, as you follow Ethan through his journey.
All too often in our lives, we develop a preconceived notion of what the ideal should be in a life partner, a family, a job, or any of the many situations that require decisions on a daily basis. We make those decisions based on a number of factors, often just by watching what our friends and family are doing with their lives. But in life's grand scheme of things one size doesn't fit all, so we adjust our lives based on our own life experiences.
Whispers from Within, for both Ethan and the reader, celebrates life, with its many paths that lie before us. An entirely new world of options for living one's life can be found once we drop the pretense of believing we always know what we want out of life. With the aid of your spirit guide, you will gain the ability to quiet the noise of daily life, while going deep within yourself to discover your truest motivations. Like Ethan, eventually you will begin to stop fighting the life your soul chose this time around, and begin to live a life of joy that others could only envy.
In time, Ethan learns an important lesson, that a life well-lived has its own rewards, and neither Ethan, nor the lives he touches, will ever be the same.


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Romanzi contemporanei

Editore Ryan Stevenson

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781311270689

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A Life Awakening: Whispers from Within. Ethan Elliot Series, Book One.

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