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Life Giving Dementia Care

Toni Kanzler
pubblicato da Toni Kanzler

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What do you do first if someone you love gets a dementia diagnosis, and you're their main caregiver? Where do you get help? What if you make mistakes and hurt them instead of help? What about the cost - do they have the resources to pay for care? And your family, friends, and boss - will they understand the new demands on your time and support you? Or will everything fall apart? CAN YOU REALLY DO THIS?

Life Giving Dementia Care guides you to be a confident, compassionate caregiver for your loved one and for yourself. It's like chatting with a friend who has "been there and done that," candidly sharing their own fears, pain, joys, and lessons learned as a caregiver. Part how-to, part memoir, this book shows you step-by-step what to expect and how to plan from early symptoms and diagnosis through estate settlement. Together, we'll cover:

  • Symptoms & Diagnosis
  • Learning to be a Caregiver
  • Medical, Legal & Financial Planning
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Adding Care Professionals
  • Hospice & End-Of-Life
  • Settling the Estate
  • Healing Yourself

Sometimes poignant, sometimes laugh out loud funny, Life Giving Dementia Care will help you develop confidence, strengthen your compassion and lead you to find joy in this tough journey called Caregiving. With patience, understanding, and a dedicated support community...YES, YOU CAN DO THIS!

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Life Giving Dementia Care

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