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From the ethereal mists of medieval Ireland, one legend will rise above them all

Brian Boru is the twelfth son of the monarch of Munster, the jewel in the crown of an island torn apart by raids and rebellion, but he dreams of a glory that will outshine the stars.

Everything changes when Brian discovers his home burned to the ground and his family slain by Vikings. Fuelled by grief and rage, his quest for vengeance carries him across the country into the path of Queen Gormlaith and a battle that will decide the fate of Ireland.

As anarchy spreads like spilt ink, Brian must contend with enemies at every turn on his journey to become prince, warrior, avenger, king.

A global phenomenon which has sold more than 40 million copies and with a major TV series in development, this is an unputdownable epic perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, George R. R. Martin and M. K. Hume.

Praise for Lion of Ireland

`A royal read without a misstep and with touching beauty' Washington Post

`Llywelyn has woven the historical tales of her country and its greatest High King into a single magnificent book' Dallas Morning News

`The reader remains captivated from first page to last' Jean M. Auel, bestselling author of the beloved Earth's Children series

`She writes about ancient Ireland as if she just had breakfast there' Parke Godwin, World Fantasy Award-winning SFF author

`Morgan Llywelyn is surely the modern-day Bard of the Irish' Beatrice Small, bestselling historical romance author

`One of my all-time favourite authors' Jude Deveraux, bestselling historical romance author

`The best there is in the field of historical fiction' Jennifer Wilde, bestselling gothic romance author


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Lion of Ireland

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