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Lithium-Ion Battery: The Power of Electric Vehicles with Basics, Design, Charging technology & Battery Management Systems

Subodh Sarkar
pubblicato da Subodh Sarkar

Prezzo online:

This "Knowledge-rich" eBook on Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric Vehicle is a complete practical engineering book with design and application details on Lithium-Ion Battery and Battery Management Systems (BMS). It has engineering details of Electric Vehicles and EVSE - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment with details of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

This engineering eBook covers the practical aspects of large format lithium ion battery covering fundamentals, technicalities, design aspects, electronic charging circuits, and hardware engineering and application details. This eBook has 15 exhaustive chapters and packed with numerous graphics, block diagrams, circuit diagrams, component specifications, tables, images and many more technical details. In short, it covers A to Z of Lithium-Ion Battery.

The author is a Graduate in Electronics from the prestigious institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, and has spent more than 4 decades as design and application engineer in various industries in India & USA. The author has successfully designed a large number of electronics products for industrial and domestic use.

The exclusive objective of this eBook is to focus on practical engineering skills to solve real-world engineering design problems in industries. The author has carefully bypassed college level theories to make the eBooks a Handbook which will serve as a reference book for design and field level engineers.

After some basics, this eBook enters into the world of large lithium-ion battery pack suitable for electric vehicles and extensively cover the design techniques of BMS. Large Li-ion battery packs have incredible application potential in the emerging Electric Vehicle market.

Electric vehicles require large battery packs for which lead-acid batteries are too heavy and bulky. Arrival of Lithium Ion Batteries has solved this problem due to its improved energy density, cycle life, power capability and higher durability. Lithium-Ion batteries are ideal for electric and hybrid vehicles. The grid-tied energy storage systems for integration of renewable energy and load levelling, back-up power systems have found lithium ion batteries as most suitable. Lithium Ion batteries is a boon to free the world from the perils of non-renewable energy sources.

The information, techniques, tips, data, illustrations and technological inputs in this eBook are accurate and proven engineering knowledge that the author has carefully edited to make it one of the most useful and well documented eBook on this subject.

This eBook is written for professionals, industrial engineers, students and hobbyists who are connected to the emerging technology of Lithium-Ion Battery and Electric Vehicles.

Chapter-1: Basics of Li-ion Battery for Electric Vehicles
Chapter-2: About Electric Vehicles
Chapter-3: All about Li-ion Battery Cells
Chapter-4: Technology, Terminology, and Chemistry of Lithium Ion Battery for EV
Chapter-5: In-depth engineering analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric Vehicle applications.
Chapter-6: Design Criterion of Li-ion Battery Management Systems for Electric Vehicles.
Chapter-7: Total Energy Management System of PHEV
Chapter-8: Power System Control of Battery Management System
Chapter-9: Detail engineering of Motors for Electric Vehicles
Chapter-10: Engineering design details of Battery Monitoring Unit
Chapter-11: Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Balancing
Chapter-12: Detail Engineering on Battery Charging for EV application
Chapter-13: PHEV to Grid Communication (V2G) and Charging Station
Chapter-14: Lithium-Ion Battery performance requirements for EVs
Chapter-15: Acronyms used in BOM on Li-Ion Battery for EV & connect to author

This eBook is a 100% self-help handbook for design and application engineers written in simple English


Generi Scienza e Tecnica » Ingegneria e Tecnologia » Tecnologia, Altri titoli

Editore Subodh Sarkar

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 09/11/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463160244

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Lithium-Ion Battery: The Power of Electric Vehicles with Basics, Design, Charging technology & Battery Management Systems

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