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Everything -- the good and bad, best and worst of it all -- started with a picket fence. At only 3 years old, Bethany Marie Franklin's mother set her down behind the picket fence of her grandparents' house and walked away without a glance back. With tears streaming hotly down her face, Little Beth watched as her mother calmly walked out of her life, an act that would thrust the child headlong into a ceaseless struggle for love. Along the way, she faced abuse, neglect, and anguish; she was berated by her grandmother, abused by her uncle, and passed from family to family as if she were only a temporary amusement. Life beat the innocent Beth to her knees, but it was at this lonely rock bottom that she first heard the words of Jesus. She found strength, courage, and love in God, and with her newfound faith, Little Beth gained the confidence she needed to carry on. With heart-wrenching poignancy, Bethany Marie Franklin recounts her life's pursuit through dark times to the joy of acceptance. "Little Beth: A Girl's Path to Love" is a touching, personal account that shows resiliency in the face of adversity and our ability to forge our own path through life with God's help and love.

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Little Beth: A Girl

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