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Filled with fresh tips and provocative insights on the Craft, Llewellyn's Witches' Companion is a guide through diverse realms of practice. Discover dozens of articles to help you create intention, achieve balance, and cultivate the magical energy that's woven into the world.

  • Clean Eating for the Magical Practitioner
  • Building a Magical Meditation Practice
  • Crystal Magick
  • Improve Your Concentration with Focal Jewelry
  • How to Start a Pagan Blog
  • Everyday Witchcraft
  • Welcoming Newcomers to the Craft
  • Exonerating the Warlock

Features fantastic writing by many of today's most innovative Witches and Pagans:

  • Deborah Blake
  • Tess Whitehurst
  • Storm Faerywolf
  • Emyme
  • Ember Grant
  • Jason Mankey
  • Calantirniel
  • Diana Rajchel
  • Raven Digitalis
  • and many more

Also includes a sixteen-month calendar and lunar information for spellwork and rituals.

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