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Look What God Can Do is a book that everyone needs to read. As believers, we know that God is almighty and powerful; but we sometimes lose sight of that when going through trials and tribulations. Look What God Can Do is a strong reminder that God will bring us through every situation and circumstances, not only once, but over and over again. I've often heard the saying, "The Lord will make a way," as a reminder to have faith in what God can do; but I was excited to hear what God has already done. Daniel Wright III (Minister at Restoration Family Center and Entrepreneur)



It is an honor to be associated with the initial offering of a new writer. A new writer steps onto the scene, and the world takes notice of their style and content. Erica has a straightforward style, born of her experiences with God, herself, and others. Very rarely is experience vague. Life experiences hit you right between the eyes, and you have no choice but to respond. Normally, it hurts. Erica teaches us that we can experience life's experience with God the Father who is the author of life itself, Jesus Christ who is the example of one who trusted in God's providence, and the Holy Spirit who empowers us with His presence. Therein lies her content. Everyone with breath faces the seemingly arbitrary circumstances of life. Luck, happenstance, and coincidence have no substance. To face life this way is to be tossed back and forth with no grounding.

Erica teaches us that life has meaning and purpose. By her stripes, we learn that God actually is a part of our daily lives. Those who follow Jesus understand that all things work together for our good and God's will. Thank you, Erica, for teaching us that faith is the content of life that allows us to face life's trials. You teach us that suffering, doubt, and rejection have meaning and purpose. The meaning and purpose are God's way of molding and shaping His people. Your story actually is the story we all live.


Avery C. Brown, D.D. A.M.E (Presiding Elder, Zion Church Denomination)

This book tells the story of faith and hope. My goal is that every reader will read this book and no matter where they are in life, to have faith and trust in God and to understand that God loves each of us the same. There is no one that cannot experience his love and his presence. We all have a testimony; this one is mine.

When I was given the prophesy by my first Spiritual Father Pastor James Armstrong of New Harvest Christian Center that I would someday write this book, I felt it would happen in two years; but no. God allowed me to experience and live what I was to write. It took twelve years of going through various life trials where God just stretched my faith and me right down to where faith is all I had. I began using nothing but biblical stories. But God showed me through Pastor Dorian Daniels that this is your story, so tell it. This is my testimony of What God Can Do; and I know that whatever God has done for me, he can do for you. I am so excited for our future!


Generi Religioni e Spiritualità » Figure religiose e spirituali » Storia delle religioni , Storia e Biografie » Biografie Diari e Memorie » Figure religiose e spirituali

Editore Christian Faith Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 29/09/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781640286443

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Look What God Can Do

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