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Jacquelyn Dodd
pubblicato da Agate Publishing

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  • CRAFT BEER IS THE NEW SEASONAL INGREDIENT: This book goes beyond simple beer pairings; seasonal craft beer is an important, flavorful ingredient (much like wine) that complements the familiar seasonal produce used in each of the 80 recipes.
  • CROSSOVER APPEAL: This book will introduce the idea of cooking seasonally to the beer crowd (who enjoyed John Holl's The American Craft Beer Cookbook and Jacquelyn's previous cookbooks) and the idea of cooking with beer to the seasonal, produce-forward crowd (who enjoyed Joshua McFadden's Six Seasons, Jeanine Donofrio's The Love and Lemons Cookbook, and Laura Wright's The First Mess Cookbook). Because this book focuses on seasonal produce, each recipe also happens to be vegetarian.
  • THOUGHTFUL, CREATIVE RECIPES "DRAFT" ONTO BREWERY AND RESTAURANT TRENDS: This isn't your drunk uncle's chili or beer-battered onion rings. Over the past several years, craft breweries have upped their food games and high-end restaurants have upped their beer games, offering thoughtful beer pairings alongside traditional wine lists. Lush moves beer cookbooks in the same direction with beautiful, complex, kitchen-tested recipes that fit in perfectly with overall industry trends like seasonal farm-to-table eating.
  • AUTHOR WITH PROVEN TRACK RECORD: Jacquelyn is the woman behind the award-winning and industry-leading site The Beeroness (200k+ UMV). She has been featured in numerous publications (Food & Wine, Saveur, Men's Health, Real Simple) and has appeared on national television (the Today show). Jacquelyn has also published two well-received books about cooking with beer, The Craft Beer Cookbook and The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook. Lush will build on her previous success.
  • ATTRACTIVE, UPMARKET PACKAGE: Lush has beautiful full-color photography (taken by the author) throughout, as well as charming design details and a gift-ready hardcover package.


Generi Gastronomia » Cucina vegetariana » Cucina dal mondo » Altre bevande

Editore Agate Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/10/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781572848337

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