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Making Change
Making Change

Making Change

by Tina P. Kruse
pubblicato da Oxford University Press Inc

Disponibile in 3-4 settimane.
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Engaging youth as leaders of social change offers the exponential benefits of personal empowerment, community enhancement, and economic transformation. Grounded both in interdisciplinary theory and an expansive set of practical case examples, Making Change uses an asset focus and cultural relevance that centralizes youth and communities in social entrepreneurship, while introducing vocabulary and frameworks for youth social entrepreneurship advocates to gain resources and political traction for the approach. Readers will have the opportunity to consider the complex interplay of individual, economic, and community development versus oversimplifying causes or solutions of social disparities. Individuals engaged in youth work, program design, funding, and the study of youth and community development will appreciate the text's exploration of existing research and theory that cross scholarly disciplines to promote a robust view of youth development.

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Making Change unleashes the creative capacity of today's young people to build a positive future for themselves and their communities. Kruse weaves together research, case studies, and street wisdom from a broad swath of youth development research and practice, social enterprises, and community development to chart a path toward a new generation of transformative and integrative youth work that keeps young people, their strengths, and their energy at the center. * Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, PhD, Vice President, Research and Development, Search Institute * Optimistic, interdisciplinary, practical. Tina Kruse weaves together insights from positive youth development, social entrepreneurship, and community development to provide support for a valuable synthesis of all three: youth social entrepreneurship. Connecting lessons from research and real-world programs to help young people become active agents of change in their communities, this book is an important resource for youth workers, academics, and policymakers working toward social change. * Jennifer P. Agans, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management, College of Health and Human Development, The Pennsylvania State University * Making Change is a wonderful combination of weaving multiple perspectives and fields of study and insightful case studies into a masterful case about and for youth social entrepreneurship. Clearly positioning youth social entrepreneurship at the intersection of youth development, community development, and social entrepreneurship, the book brings in the best of each and also deals with tensions and problems directly and usefully-including the multitude of words used to describe this kind of work... The text is highly readable and will help both academics and practitioners alike make valuable connections between things they already know as well as to new areas of knowledge and practice. A major contribution I highly recommend that should be widely read and used in the years ahead. * Dale A. Blyth, PhD, Extension Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota *


Generi Social Sciences » Sociology

Editore Oxford University Press Inc

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 01/02/2019

Pagine 232

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780190849795

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Making Change

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