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Managing Construction Projects

Ron Frankenfield
pubblicato da Ron Frankenfield

Prezzo online:

This book is intended for the Project Managers and Construction Managers who are about to embark on a new construction effort. Many Project Managers are more comfortable with the engineering and procurement efforts than actual construction and many Construction Managers are more comfortable with the physical construction activities than the processes necessary to support them. Bringing these two parties together to understand all aspects of the project will minimize risk by establishing plans and processes to handle construction issues. This book bridges the gap between the two parties and identifies what is necessary from both sides to have a successful project.

This book's main tenant is that a successful project is the result of a pre-planning effort. Success is not an accident - at least not often. This book describes an overall planning process defined as a Construction Execution Plan that covers the pre-construction, construction, and turnover phases of the project. The plan contains many traditional project management functions such as scope development, budget development, scheduling, etc. in a format designed to support a construction effort. A good Construction Execution Plan will not guarantee a successful project but it is our belief that a thorough pre-planning effort greatly increases the chances of success. We present examples of the tools and processes that will help establish the information needed to succeed.

Throughout the sections of this book, important lessons learned are presented that describe the pitfalls that have actually occurred with the hope that if you learn from history, you may not have to repeat it.

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Managing Construction Projects

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