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Mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols.In various traditions ,mandalas may be employed for focussing attention of Practitioners and adepts as a spiritual guiding tool for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Mandala is a diagram thar remind us our relation to the infinite,the world that extends that both beyond and within our bodiesand minds.

Poetry erupts from nothingness,Verses blossoms mindfully alone.

The unification of poetry and photography are distinct art form which creates an impact on human mind and life. The ninetenth century photographer P H Emerson thought "The value of a picture is not proportionate to the trouble and espense it coststo obtain it,but to the poetry that it contains."

'Visible Enlightment

White moonlight in mid-night blue sky

The name of anthology-Mandala of life provides easy access to a space where mind meets the cosmic grace of understanding.The major focus of existentialist philosophy is on individual existence,free will and try to make a rational decision in irrational universe.

Poetry is so important as it helpsus to understand and apriciate the world around us..The poets have expressed their reflective thoughts in their unique and thoughtful poetry to connect the minds of all types of reader.Life.

Mandala of life is an anthology of poetry inthe theme of mundane,bliss and consists of 80poetry on life written by eminent international poets across the world.All poems are unique and related to human life..With each poetry we have selected relevant meaningful pgotography and artwork.

We have included poets from all walks of life to make the poetry interesting and meaningful.

Mandala of life is to help transform ordinary mind into enlighted ones and to asssist with joyful and peaceful life.

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Mandala of Life

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