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Heres a pinata of insights and delectations: an anthology of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, drama, translation, criticism, photography and mixed genre by some of the best artists working today. Based on seven years of work compiled and edited by dArts Literary Editor Gary Corseri, this attractive book contains selections from the following nifty fifty:

Annabel Alderman, Sandra Fenichel Asher, Charles Baudelaire, Stephen Bluestone, Emery Campbell, Jimmy Carter, Chibi, Stephen Corey, Sam Cornish, Daniel Corrie, Gary Corseri, Bill Costley, Elsa Cross, Robert Dana, Rosemary Daniell, Patricia Dubrava, Tu Fu, Anthony Grooms, Kijima Jajime , Kodac Harrison, Lola Haskins, Holly Hatch, Paul Hemphill, Lawrence Hetrick, Cooper Holmes, Flournoy Holmes, Gray Jacobik, Ha Jin, Yoko Kagawa, Yoshinori Kagawa, John Lane, Michael Lehman, Thomas Lux, Leslie Lytle Sylvia Melville, Jean Monahan, Donald Morrill, John Ottley, Jr., Collie Owens, Barbara Ras, Larry Rubin, A. E. Stallings, Stephen Toskar, Mark Twain, Michael Walls, Christopher T. Wilkerson, Stephen Wing, Cecilia Woloch, Karen Wurl , Lane Young.

The editor has reached for inclusivity, eclecticism and excellence to present a perdurable portrait of this pivotal age between millennia: our at once exciting, tumultuous, nerve-wracking, sensuous and tender Zeitgeist. About half of the book features Atlantan, Georgian and Southern writers with unique voices whose excellence is measured against writers from around the world and back in time.

White and Black, Asian, male and female, young and old, scholars and peace activists engage each other and the reader creatively and critically. Heres a book for the student as well as the practitioner. A good student, a good teacher, will use it as a handy textbook, building upon its variety of style, content and technique. For the practitioner, its a talisman, a good-luck charm with which to measure his/her best against the best herein.

No one travels deeper than the artist, and no one manifests more. With a handsome cover design by Flournoy Holmes, memorable photos and a stunning array of literary selections, this book is a keeper and a treasure.

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Generi Architettura Design e Moda » Design e Grafica » Graffiti, collage e fotomontaggi

Editore Xlibris Us

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 02/02/2004

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781469105437

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