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A lost memoir about Mark Twain, back in print for the first time in more than 100 years!

Elizabeth Wallace (1865-1960) met Mark Twain in 1908 while vacationing in Bermuda and they became fast friends. Three years after Twain's death, Wallace published this memoir of their friendship. A breezy, popular treatment of their time together, Wallace's focus is on Twain's love of fun and his caring friendship. Twain always loved Bermuda, from the day of his first visit to the day he departed from his final trip, just weeks before his death. Wallace's memoir shows Twain full of life and health and shows his life-long love of children and childhood.

The goal of Definitive Edition texts is to provide new generations of readers with complete, definitive print and e-book editions of classic, hard-to-find works. Unlike "reproduction editions," Definitive Edition texts provide a new, error-free typeset of the work carefully compared against the original to ensure faithfulness to the presentation of the text. All images and illustrations in the text have been prepared from new, high-resolution scans of the originals. Spelling and punctuation remain identical to the first print edition, except to correct minor errors and infelicities in the original typeset.

We are pleased to make this Definitive Edition of Mark Twain and the Happy Island available to new generations of Mark Twain enthusiasts.

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Mark Twain and the Happy Island

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