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Marvellous: Neil Baldwin - My Story
Marvellous: Neil Baldwin - My Story

Marvellous: Neil Baldwin - My Story

Neil Baldwin
pubblicato da John Blake Publishing Ltd

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Bishops and archbishops, top footballers, politicians and actresses...they all count him as their friend. Prime ministers and senior royals stop and listen to his opinions. He's got an honorary degree and his very own football club. He has even been on TV. Born with 'learning difficulties' and all but abandoned by his schools, Neil went on to become kit man to Stoke City FC. Lou Macari, the club's then manager, described him as 'my best-ever signing'. But who is Neil Baldwin? As a boy in a working-class part of the Potteries in the fifties and sixties, the education system wrote him off. But Neil, who believes you can just 'get things by asking for them', knows his late Mum wanted him to have a happy life, and it's his duty to her to have one. So he does. At Keele University, they hold regular celebrations and services for the decades he's been a friend to the students, academics and vice-chancellors; but he's never been a student, a teacher, or had any formal connection with the place. At Stoke City Football Club, he's 'more famous than the players'. He's even got a dialogue going with the Queen - though that one's still a little one-sided. This is the inspiring, moving and at times hysterically funny story of Neil Baldwin's marvellous life.


Generi Biographies » Entertainment

Editore John Blake Publishing Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 17/09/2020

Pagine 288

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781789463408

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Marvellous: Neil Baldwin - My Story

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