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Master Adoption: Claim Your Authentic Power

Janine Myung Ja
pubblicato da Adoption Truth & Transparency

Prezzo online:

With over 20 years of dedicated writing and publishing in the effort to find the truth and then share the truth, Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja, Philosophy, has released this book with the intention to support adoptee-rights activists in their endeavor to propose equal-rights at the most intimate levels to justify equal rights for all at the highest levels of government. Standing in the face of adoption authorities, doubt, and discrimination, Janine stepped back from the controversy and went within. On this journey, she has pioneered a path to emotional and cognitive independence and has once again provided the adoptee world with her strong words of validation. This book is intended for individuals previously separated (by adoption) who are no longer fans of the practice, and can no longerin good consciencepromote the practice to others.

Dear soul, it is no accident you have found this book, and while healing can feel messy at times, it is needed because the world desperately needs your authentic self to shine despite any fears or doubts. Feel free to enjoy the process of acknowledging your true self and be uplifted while reading this book. The thoughts within acknowledge that, yes, dysfunctional adoptive parenting does actually exist. The blame should not always be placed on the child. This book offers a perspective on adoption based on equal-rights, which has been ignored by industry leaders and special interest groups. In contrast, this writing offers an Eastern point of view rooted in the Taoist way of nature, which appreciates all of who you.

If you feel the need to defend yourself against finger-pointing adoptive parents or trying to recover from abusive and toxic authorities who can't see your innate goodness, or if you're sick and tired of adoptive parents trying to write healing books, this book was written for you. This author is on your side. Not only that, 100% of all the 2019 surveyed adoptees (from the private group Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network) believe that adopted people should have the right to search for their biological families if they so wish. If you agree with such a philosophy, you will find value in this unique stand for equal-rights based on the natural law of identity.

*Caution: This book points out all that is wrong with adoption and should not be read by entities who are against equal rights for all.

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Master Adoption: Claim Your Authentic Power

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