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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Jesse Andrews
pubblicato da Allen & Unwin

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19 punti carta PAYBACK
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**Soon to be a major motion picture** It is a universally acknowledged truth that high school sucks. But on the first day of his senior year, Greg Gaines thinks he's figured it out. The answer to the basic existential question: How is it possible to exist in a place that sucks so bad? His strategy: remain at the periphery at all times. Keep an insanely low profile. Make mediocre films with the one person who is even sort of his friend, Earl. This plan works for exactly eight hours. Then Greg's mother forces him to become friends with a girl who has cancer. This brings about the destruction of Greg's entire life.

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Hilarious, irreverent, sometimes rude and ultimately very touching. It's a great read and is highly recommended. * Canberra Times * Dead funny... Shows just how much fun reading and writing can be. * The Australian * This surprising gem is at once moving and hilarious... Greg and his misadventures will have you laughing out loud. * Book Trust * Funny, warm, enjoyably scatterbrained... An honest depiction of society's reaction to illness and death. * The Observer * This was probably the funniest book I've ever read... Everyone should read this book. * Guardian *


Generi Children » General Fiction

Editore Allen & Unwin

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 04/06/2015

Pagine 304

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781760290450

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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

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