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Metal Forming Processes - Zainul Huda
Metal Forming Processes - Zainul Huda

Metal Forming Processes

Zainul Huda
pubblicato da Springer Nature Switzerland

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This unique textbook features fundamentals and analyses of metal forming processes supported by 200 worked numerical examples. It provides rigorous detail on the three all-important groups of metal-forming processes: bulk-metal forming, sheet-metal forming, and sheet-bulk-metal forming. Theory of metal forming is presented by discussing deformation behavior, plasticity, and formability with a thorough mathematical analyses and calculations. The mechanics of sheet metal forming is also covered by including principal strain increments in uniaxial loading as well as plane stress deformation. There are 125 diagrammatic illustrations/real-life photographs that have been labelled properly to enhance the understanding of readers. Among the salient features of the book is the inclusion of industrially-oriented projects, covering both technological and business considerations. The key solutions connected to these projects are presented with the aid of mathematical analysis and process flow diagrams. The book includes 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with their answers and those for selected problems facilitating self-directed learning.

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Metal Forming Processes

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