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Many of our nation's men and women exit the military without a clue of what to do next. Others pursue their passions, doing everything they can to break into the life they've always dreamed of.

This book provides guidance on how to follow your passions, and includes interviews with MILITARY VETERANS who have gone on to creative careers, to include:
- Novelists
- Screenwriters
- Actors
- Producers
- Directors
- Video Games (writers, producers, and more)

Brought to you from the author of Creative Writing Career, this book will serve as your mentor and guide as you too pursue your passions. Even if you aren't a veteran and are interested in acting, writing, directing, and any of the other creative careers covered in this book, you will learn from the experience of these military veterans.

Veterans interviewed have been involved in the following projects (and more):

- Battlefield Hardline
- Wargaming.Net
- Marvel Games
- Jurassic World
- Hawaii 5-O
- Game of Thrones (Game)
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- 90210
- Desperate Housewives
- Enlisted
- Days of Our Lives

The book also includes sections on the Veterans Writing Project (with Ron Capps) and the Writers Guild Foundation's Veterans Writing Retreat (with Kevin Ott).

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Military Veterans in Creative Careers

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