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This book has been in the oven for years - finally cooked, a little golden at the edges, it is ready for human consumption.

I learned some Japanese when I was a teenager but much of that has evaporated and there's not a big market for my work in Japan so I've written this in English.

Despite my left arm being seen on a BBC2 documentary in the 80's, I'm still not famous but here's my book anyway.

Friends tell me I have the perfect face for radio, and I have enjoyed working in that media, but this is a book - imagine it with my voice as you read, but only if you preferred my radio stuff.

Stories of princesses, fleeing children and atomic bombs don't usually lunch together but this book is a skewer of various meats - and a tasty trifle to follow!

Thanks for reading the covers .. Tim

"Tim has written a book which is unusual, interesting and funny. What more could you want?"

Andy Kind (Father, Friend, Comedian & Author)

"Tim sold every copy of his last book which sounds pretty impressive. However, he only had one printed! He has lots more copies of this one and his escapades are like a Mr Bean falling off a cliff and standing up juggling a Gospel parable. So, enjoying the pitfalls, perils, frustrations and joys of an itinerant evangelist. In other words, read this book."

Fr. Kevin O'Donnell (Father, Father & Author)

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Ministry and Mayhem

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