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Now with a free instructional video demonstrating basic examination techniques, this second edition of Minor Injuries makes it much easier to learn procedures for assessing minor injuries. It is unique in linking the underlying anatomy to the examination processes that are part of the education of a practitioner, covering the commonly presenting injuries that, and explains how to handle them.

This text is essential for staff in accident and emergency units, minor injury units, walk-in centres and all areas where patients present with minor injuries.

Free video:

A 25-minute online video demonstrating 77 different examinations, makes them easy to understand, and covering:

The Neck and Upper Limbs

  • The Shoulder

    The Elbow

    The Forearm, Wrist and Hand

The Back and Lower Limbs

  • The Hip

    The Knee

    The Ankle and Foot.

Active, resisted and passive movements are shown, testing the full range of movement.

  • Practical manual, with supporting video

  • Demonstrates basic examination techniques

  • Illustrations link anatomy with the examination processes

  • Clear explanation of underlying anatomical and physiological processes behind injury

  • Explains how to manage common injuries

  • Accessible to the non-specialist.

  • Video demonstrates basic examination processes, making them easier to learn

  • Illustrations combine anatomy and examination to show how parts work and how to examine them - now with added colour

  • New photographs throughout, linking to the video demonstration

  • Video showing examination of every hand muscle helps master this particularly complex area

  • More detail on the core clinical areas of sports injuries in children, musculoskeletal presentations, and head, neck and back injuries.


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Minor Injuries E-Book

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