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Modern Romance January 2017 Books 5 - 8

Andie Brock - Angela Bissell - Michelle Smart - Rachael Thomas
pubblicato da HarperCollins Publishers

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Enjoy four new sexy modern romances this New Year!

Married for the Greek's Convenience by Michelle Smart

Vows never broken

He was the man she never wanted to see again Exclusive matchmaker Elizabeth Young cannot believe it when Xander Trakas storms back into her life, announcing that their disastrous marriage was never annulled!

His was the bed she never thought she'd share again It would be so easy to surrender to the fire that still flickers between them, but can Elizabeth risk giving her heart to formidable Greek again?

His was the ring she never thought she'd wear again With guardianship of Xander's precious nephew at stake, Elizabeth just can't refuse her husband's demand!

Bound by His Desert Diamond by Andie Brock

The Plan

Princess Annalina would do anything to end her arranged engagementincluding getting photographed in a compromising position with a handsome stranger!

The Prince

Her mystery man is Prince Zahir Zahaniher betrothed's brotherand the kiss that sparks unexpected need in them both traps Annalina and Zahir into a whole new kind of royal bindtill death do them part!

The Passion!

Having learned the cost of trusting others, Zahir tries to keep Annalina at a distance. But she challenges him at every turn and suddenly giving in to his darkest desires is all Zahir craves

Conveniently wedded, passionately bedded!

A Child Claimed by Gold by Rachel Thomas

A scandal of their own making

Nikolai Cunningham has kept his family history secret for seventeen years. So when photographer Emma Sanders is granted exclusive access to his childhood home, he returns to Russia to ensure it stays hidden.

Though she tries to keep her eye on the story, Nikolai's potent sexuality proves too much for Emma's untouched body to resist! But, convinced she only wanted a scoop, Nikolai casts Emma out unaware she's pregnant!

When the consequence of their recklessness is revealed, Nikolai will legitimise his heir - with a gold wedding ring!

When one nightleads to pregnancy!

Defying Her Billionaire Protector by Angela Bissell

'You need me to keep you safe'

Marietta Vincenti is furious when her brother's best friendprivate security tycoon Nicolas C├ęsartakes her to his Mediterranean island to protect her from a stalker. Because Marietta isn't weak. She survived the accident that cruelly stole the use of her legs and she'll survive now.

Battle-hardened and scarred, Marietta crashes against the impenetrable shield that surrounds this powerful magnate, sensing a kindred spirit beneath. But Nico unearths a passion in her that threatens to expose the hopes and dreams she buried long ago

Can she take a leap of faith with this man who might undo her completely?


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa » Romanzi contemporanei , Passione e Sentimenti » Romanzi rosa

Editore Harpercollins Publishers

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 01/01/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781474067447

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Modern Romance January 2017 Books 5 - 8

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