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Montessori: Living the Good Life will surprise you more than you can imagine. With a masters degree in theology, author Connie Ripley Lujan delves deep into Marias spiritual understanding of the roots of war. Passionately she explains how we can make a difference.

Maria Montessori discovered the secret miracle of childhood over one hundred years ago. Her vision of peace lives on in this passionate memoir of a disciple of her spirit.

Marias enlightened revelation of the newborns talent to construct his future life with his own mind is illuminated step by step as each chapter probes deeper into mankinds existence.

The key to assisting the new ones, Maria tells us, lies in the adults willingness to collaborate with the childs desire for an appropriate environment. Education, for the child and the adult, is the crucial element.

A thoughtful guide for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and all educators and citizens concerned for peace in the home, schools, and world, Montessori-Living the Good Life, about the child in your arms and the child in your heart, is for everyone.

The author goes where no one dares to go, explicating Marias concepts of the origins of war and peace and how we can make a difference.

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