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Mostly True II

Arlene N. Cohen
pubblicato da Arlene N. Cohen

Prezzo online:

In the first book in this series, Mostly True: Short Stories*,* we traveled on the 'bumpy trek' of life. In this second book, entitled Mostly True II: Episodes the 'trek' continues with even more outlandish situations based on actual experiences, satirically presented with a twist of Magical Realism. Enjoy the ride!

In Breathless, a young and carefree child of four who frolics with the neighbor's dog finds out that four-leaf clovers don't always work as expected. The cast of characters in Fairytale House is something to write home about if you don't live there. Greta, the Hostess with the Mostess is confident that keeping up appearances is a good substitute for Seeing is Believing. In Young Love a human tractor in high gear plows down an outgrowth of puppy love. Instead of 'Baby makes three', in the story The Baby Maker, baby makes four with the addition of a meddlesome mother-in-law, a done deal. Civil Disobedience is about the price a middle-class house wife, a young mother pays when she challenges the status quo. The Dinner Show isa madcap courtroom spectacle, like something out of a Fellini film. The Glimpse, a mother and daughter's reunion reveals how fickle fate can be. When Opportunity Knocks, a woman ditches her unsavory past for a new beginning in Paradise. A Zen Meditation Center is where a confused woman goes to figure out her life and learns how to Dance in the Void. In The Light Fantastic, a dancer is taught a way to gracefully rebound after years of falling and feeling stuck.


Generi Hobby e Tempo libero » Umorismo » Parodie e imitazioni

Editore Arlene N. Cohen

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 05/02/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781087946696

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Mostly True II

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