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This richly illustrated short, extracted from the official book The Chronicles of Downton Abbey, focuses on the characters individually, examining their motivations, their actions and the inspirations behind them. Forwarded by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

It is a strange life for the likes of Carson and Mrs Hughes, sitting between the family and the servants and never completely belonging to either group. It's easy to understand why the two of them seek refuge in each other, even in their own rather stilted fashion.

`Carson comes from a family of soldiers and servants,' says Julian Fellowes. `His grandfather was a head groom and so he's middle-middle class - they certainly weren't scrabbling in the gutter for food.'

Mrs Hughes gave up the idea of marriage and a family for her career as Downton's housekeeper. This does not mean she was without ambition: a career in service was something to be proud of; the job was steady, she had respect from her colleagues and she could look forward to a reasonably comfortable retirement provided by the Downton Abbey estate, if she served the family for many years.

Purchase this ebook short and the others in the series to get closer still to the characters at Downton Abbey and to understand more about their social context - from the changing role of the aristocracy to fashion and beauty, American Anglophiles, the Suffragette movement and life below stairs in a big country house like Downton.

Search for The Chronicles of Downton Abbey to purchase all shorts combined.


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Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes (Downton Abbey Shorts, Book 7)

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