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Mysterious Ways TP
Mysterious Ways TP

Mysterious Ways TP

Jason Rubin - Tyler Kirkham
pubblicato da Top Cow

Prezzo online:

Mysterious Ways is a story that follows a brutal yet reluctant serial killer convinced that he is doing God's work by wantonly slaughtering innocent women. We follow our executioner as he comes to grips with what he believes is his gruesome responsibility, searches for clues to his obsession, performs his ghastly crimes, and evades capture and death while the authorities doggedly pursue him in an attempt to end the butchery. It might be a classic crime story, a standard tale of cop vs. criminal, of right vs. wrong. It might be, but it isnt. Because this time the serial killer really is doing God's bidding. Sam just wanted to crawl under a large rock and drink himself into oblivion. A disgraced police officer who had killed his corrupt partner, Sam had fallen into a cycle of depression and self-hatred. His superiors had abandoned him and fired him from the force, his ex-fiance Lil had given up on him, and his court appointed psychiatrist kept yammering on about how Sam had to let go and "go with the flow." Sam just wanted to drink and forget. A higher power had another plan for Sam. Suffering from blackouts, which he attributes to his constantly inebriated state, Sam barely noticed that a serial killer had begun killing young, innocent women in his city. It wasn't his problem. Until the cops came looking for him as the prime suspect. Before long Sam is on the run without a friend in the world and some mysterious pieces of broken silver in his pocket. Hot on his tail is sterling FBI agent Aleister Zassel, the picture perfect opposite to Sam's beaten and haggard form.As Sam rushes to evade the police and FBI as well as follow the unknown serial killer and clear his name, he begins to suspect that the Feds may be right -- he may be the killer. What he can't figure out is why he feels compelled to kill seemingly innocent women or why a ominous blind priest seems to be aiding him whenever he gets himself into a corner. What Sam is about to discover is that the Lord does indeed work in Mysterious Ways.


Generi Fumetti » Graphic Novel » Supereroi a fumetti

Editore Top Cow

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/12/2009

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 4230000000601

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Mysterious Ways TP

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