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Would you like to create beautiful nail art flower decorations?

In this short nail art guide, you'll learn how to design in a step-by-step process the purple flowers as you see them in the cover of this book. Simple, but powerful nail art technique to create beautiful flowers with any color of your choice. If you work as a professional, clients would be trilled.

This nail art technique is suitable for beginners because of its simplicity. If you have never done flowers on nails, you can do it now by following my instructions closely in this book. The colors I chose for the sake of this tutorial are not mandatory by all means. You can choose whatever colors you like and create red, yellow, blue, pink, depending on what gel polish products you have available. Colors may differ, but if you master the technique, you can quickly and easily create beautiful flower manicures.

Let's get started.
Grab your copy now!


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Nail Art Books: Purple Flower Nail Art Decorations For Beginners?

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