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Would you like to nail design the mysterious girl with the blue dress? Are you tired of painting flowers, leaves, abstract and various classic nail art decorations? It's time to get creative.

We are not designing just the face like most face nail art decorations, but a girl with full body features wearing a stylish blue dress. The dress is not taken from particular brand, it's designed and created by Tanya Angelova. You can re-design it, try different colors and do whatever you like it with. It looks great on nails, and I'll show you how to create the mysterious girl with the blue dress in a step-by-step manner with colorful pictures.

If you like the nails on the cover of this nail art book, rest assured you'll be able to do it exactly as you see it, if you follow my instructions. This nail art guide is not suitable for beginners, you need to have some experience in painting various type of decorations with body features. If you have never done full body features on nails, you might give it a shot, but please follow my instructions closely for best results.

Once you master how to nail art the mysterious girl with the blue dress, you can experiment with different dress types, colors, and contrasts. The girl can be painted with different hair shapes, hair colors, etc. Imagination is your limit. First try to design what I am going to teach you here, then experiment based on what you learn.

The downside of this nail art decoration is that you might want to get that blue dress yourself, but unfortunately you cannot find it anywhere in the retail stores :-)

Be your own dress designer, paint, dress to impress, experiment!
Grab your copy now!


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Nail Art Decoration: The Mysterious Girl with The Blue Dress

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