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Would you like to create beautiful nail art flower decorations?

This is short and to the point guide with step-by-step colorful pictures on each element of the flowers and the overall nail design. I will literary "hold your hand" through each step of the process with easy to follow instructions. This is not advanced guide for nail art professionals. It's more of a home study guide on how to design flower decorations yourself or get some fresh ideas to decorate. This could be also used for nail art professionals, but check out my other nail art books to consider more advanced techniques in the nail art industry.

Tanya Angelova is nail art expert and bestselling author since 2007. She has been featured on NAILS Magazine numerous times in the past - in 2012 and 2016.

If you are looking for DIY nail art guide, this book is for you!
Grab your copy now!


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Nail Art Flower Decorations for Beginners

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