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Napoleon Victorious!
Napoleon Victorious!

Napoleon Victorious!

by Peter G. Tsouras
pubblicato da Greenhill Books

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It is June 1815 and an Anglo-led Allied army under the Duke of Wellington s command and Gebhard Leberecht von Bl cher is set to face Napoleon Boneparte near Waterloo in present-day Belgium. What happens next is well known to any student of history: the two armies of the Seventh Coalition defeated Bonaparte in a battle that resulted in the end of his reign and of the First French Empire. But the outcome could have been very different, as Peter Tsouras demonstrates in this thought-provoking and highly readable alternate history of the fateful battle. By introducing minor but realistic adjustments, Tsouras presents a scenario in which the course of the battle runs quite differently, which in turn sets in motion new and unexpected possibilities. Cleverly conceived and expertly executed, this is alternate history at its best. 'Cleverly conceived and expertly executed, this is alternate history at its best' - 'An interesting read and definitely inspiration for some tabletop skirmishes, after all wargaming is all about alternate history' - Wargames Illustrated

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For What If history to work, it needs to be totally believable, and Philip G. Touras has made Napoleon Victorious! almost as much a work of history as of counterfactual history. You just can't spot the seam where real events elide into the invented ones. This is alternative history at is very best, in the hands of a master. --Andrew Roberts, author of Napoleon the Great


Generi History » Europe » Military History » Modern History , Politics & Philosophy » Warfare & Defence

Editore Greenhill Books

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 01/11/2017

Pagine 212

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781784382087

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Napoleon Victorious!

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