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The guiding mission of Nation Brand is to illuminate the everyday interactions that shape how nations are perceived. Nation Brand is an interactive journal that incorporates feedback and content from readers. Nation Brand was inspired by Wharton Professor David Reibstein's philosophy that nations, like products, have images or brands. The brand of a nation is a source of influence, even as it is itself subjected to many influences. Although this web of influence is necessarily complex, in one sense it is simple: Nations are branded by people and through people. Through editorial content and submissions from readers around the world, Nation Brand unpacks the myriad ways in which people brand nations through their communications. In a practical sense, Nation Brand is a communications guide. Useful information and tips are included to help readers become more effective in their interpersonal communications, intentional and unintentional. Nation Brand also seeks to help readers become more conscious of how various nations are currently being branded and how they have been branded in the past. Nation Brand will review strategies for nation branding, both historical and current. Although the subject of nation branding is serious and vital to the well-being of the people associated with a nation, this publication is written as a practical user's guide. Articles and reviews are brief, to-the-point, and focused on immediate application. The importance of listening well and listening often will be a recurring theme in Nation Brand. In every section of every issue, editors Tracy Steen, Ph.D., and Tom Lincoln will invite input. Please email or text ideas and submissions to or (215) 205-5481. As communications in various forms shape our perceptions of the world, the brand of a nation is inexorably formed or altered. The process is active, multi-faceted, vibrant, and ultimately galvanizing. Nation Brand will cover it all.

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Nation Brand

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