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Navigating the New Retail Landscape

Alan Treadgold - Jonathan Reynolds
pubblicato da OUP Oxford

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The global retail industry is in the early stages of an era of profound and unprecedented, change. This book is intended to serve as a wide-ranging, robust, and practical guide to leaders of enterprises tasked with both understanding and delivering success in the new landscape of retailing. Part 1 describes the major directions and drivers of change that define the new retail landscape. Accelerating changes in technology, the rise to international prominence of internet enabled shoppers, and the rapid emergence of entirely new retail enterprises and business models are combining to re-shape the very fundamentals of the retail industry. No longer are shops central or even necessary to the business of retailing. No longer is choice for the shopper limited to the neighbourhood, town, or even country in which they live. No longer is the act of retailing solely the preserve of traditional retail enterprises as internet-enabled businesses, technology, logistics, suppliers, and financial services enterprises all seek direct relationships with the shopper. The new landscape of retailing is an unforgiving one. Success can be achieved more quickly than ever before, but failure is equally rapid. New opportunities are profound, but so too are the challenges. Part 2 of this book discusses the structures, skills, and capabilities that retail enterprises and their leaders will need if they are to be successful. This second edition presents more than 25 detailed case studies of innovative and successful enterprises alongside more than one hundred smaller examples to illustrate the themes discussed. A new afterword also presents ten central areas business leaders must focus on in order to build organizational resilienc in the wake of COVID-19 and the profound uncertainties retail enterprises now face. Frameworks and practical guidance are offered to help readers contextualise the nature of change occurring on a global scale, and identify the capabilities, skills, and perspectives that will be needed at both an enterprise and a personal leadership level.


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Navigating the New Retail Landscape

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