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New England Modern

Jaci Conry
pubblicato da Gibbs Smith

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Melding the region's time-honored architecture with a multi-faceted design sensibility.

The past is everywhere in New England, especially in the architecture. Surrounded by all this history, is it challenging to create forward-thinking interior spaces? For a long time that was the case. But not anymore.

Residents now want their interiors to exude an innovative, worldly flair. They want their spaces to embody progress and technology, to exude a cosmopolitan spirit. Big sideboards and heavy chairs have been swapped out for elements that resonate with a cleaner d├ęcor. Formal rooms have been obviated with open floor plans. Punches of unexpected color, bold patterns, and layers of textural elements abound. While New Englanders previously clung to style selections that were safe and understated, interiors now feature dramatic elements, reflecting a curated mix of furnishings, modern assemblages of leather, glass, and steel, and other statement-making contrasting materials.

New England Modern highlights interiors created by ten New England designers that are bold and vibrant, with a modern feel and flow just right for today's homeowners.

Jaci Conry has been covering home design for more than fifteen years. She has written for countless publications including the *Boston Globe,*Better Homes & Gardens, Domino, Dwell, Design New England, and Boston Home. In late 2017, she became editor-in-chief of a new shelter magazine, Interiors Boston. She and her family live in Falmouth, on Cape Cod.

Michael J. Lee is a Boston-based architectural photographer with a combined twenty-eight years of interior design and photography experience. He has shot more than fifty print magazine and book covers, and is a recipient of awards from The Room to Dream Foundation, The Boston Architectural College, and The American Society of Interior Designers.

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New England Modern

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