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North and South
North and South

North and South

Elizabeth Gaskell
pubblicato da Vintage Publishing

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'A really remarkable picture of the reality, as well as the prosperity, of northern industrial life, and an interesting examination of changing social conscience' Joanna Trollope Milton is a sooty, noisy northern town centred around the cotton mills that employ most of its inhabitants. Arriving from a rural idyll in the south, Margaret Hale is initially shocked by the social unrest and poverty she finds in her new hometown. However, as she begins to befriend her neighbours, and her stormy relationship with the mill-owner John Thornton develops, she starts to see Milton in a different light. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JENNY UGLOW

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North And South explores themes that still seem strikingly modern. One hundred and fifty years after it appeared, the North-South divide - and the social and economic gulf it implies - remains intact * Daily Mail * One of the most perceptive novels of the mid-Victorian era * Glasgow Herald * Pah! to Dickens. Eat your heart out, Little Nell. That Elizabeth Gaskell could write a death scene to make your socks melt * Scotsman * Ruth, North and South and Mary Barton are at least as good as any of Dickens's novels -- Sara Paretsky Gaskell saw the emotional and economic realities of ordinary life with a steely honesty * The Times *


Generi Literature & Fiction » Classics

Editore Vintage Publishing

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 06/03/2008

Pagine 576

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780099511489

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North and South

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