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The stakes have never been higher...

Dismas Hardy's home life and work life collide in John Lescroart's sixth book of the series, Nothing But the Truth, when Hardy's wife Franny finds herself caught up with the law. Perfect for fans of J.J. Miller and Sheldon Sigel.

'Lescroart writes the legal thriller as a modern-day morality play... In a world in which boundaries are blurred, Lescroart is able to put America on trial... [He] ties it together brilliantly' - Express on Sunday

Can you ever know the truth about what's coming next? When Lawyer Dismas Hardy's wife fails to pick up their children from school one Thursday afternoon, he's convinced something terrible has happened. It has. His wife has been keeping a secret from him - for which she is prepared to go to jail. It's a secret that threatens their marriage...and their lives. For Dismas Hardy a harrowing journey has begun, a search that exposes one stunning revelation after another, about the secrets men and women hide from the law, from each other - and from themselves...

What readers are saying about Nothing but the Truth:

'A great start and the plot just thickens and thickens'

'A compelling read from page one'

'Immensely engrossing'


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Nothing But the Truth (Dismas Hardy series, book 6)

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