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Oil: The Decline is Near

John Miller
pubblicato da Miller

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Peak oil is back. In the 2000s, the idea that oil production would soon peak before declining shook the energy world. The shale oil boom in the united states seemed to invalidate this forecast, offering a reprieve to a world still addicted to oil. But this boom reveals its weaknesses, and the countdown continues. Without sufficient reserves, world production is likely to decline in the coming years. Based on hitherto confidential geological and industrial data, the authors raise the alarm about a largely ignored threat except from the oil companies themselves! The era of plenty is coming to an end. If the economy does not anticipate this weaning, the consequences promise to be severe. In addition, warns this solidly documented work, the decline of the oil windfall risks causing major geopolitical upheavals. There is a solution: take our climate commitments seriously, and finally get out of dependence on oil. This book sounds like an urgent wake-up call.

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Oil: The Decline is Near

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