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Would you like to create one stroke flower nail art decorations?

In this nail art book, I am going to show you how to execute the One Stroke painting technique and create stunning flower decorations. For the sake of this tutorial, we work on natural nails, not on gel nails. But you can use the One Stroke technique in gel nails. However, in this book I'll show you what you have to do differently in order to successfully create One Stroke flowers on gel nails and what you have to do in order to create One Stroke flowers on natural nails.

Moreover, you'll learn the complexity of the technique and no matter what colors you choose, you can ultimately create beautiful, detailed, and in depth flower nail art decorations.

Filled with step-by-step colorful pictures, I'll guide you through the process until you get it done properly.

One Stroke painting technique originates from Donna Dewberry, developed during the 1980s. She was very passionate artist and wanted to remove any intimidations when it comes to enabling anyone with a desire to paint to succeed. However, when Donna was developing this technique, she mostly used One Stroke to create lush flowers and landscapes on canvas. Doing One Stroke on nails in a bit more difficult due to the little space you have to work and the smaller scale of executing the technique and actually designing the flowers. So it takes a bit of practice.

If you follow my instructions closely, you can create amazing One Stroke flower decorations fast, like the one you see on the cover of this book.

Grab your copy now!


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One Stroke Flowers: How to Create Beautiful Nail Art Flower Decorations With One Stroke Painting Technique?

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