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William Sutcliffe
pubblicato da Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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19 punti carta PAYBACK
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First published as Whatever Makes You Happy, the hilarious and moving novel about mothers and their adult sons, now a Netflix original movie starring Felicity Huffman, Angela Bassett and Patricia Arquette which has now been viewed on over 27 million accounts worldwide Three sons. Three mums. One week. Matt, Daniel and Paul were childhood friends. Now in their thirties, they've lost touch and have only one thing in common: their mothers. Little do they know that, having spent a cardless Mother's Day discussing how their emotionally dysfunctional offspring should be settling down, Carol, Gillian and Helen have decided to pay their wayward sons a visit. On the same day, they turn up on their sons' doorsteps, uninvited and unannounced. Their plan is to reestablish the mother-son bond by moving in for one week. Just a week. Surely that's not a lot to ask...

La nostra recensione

Sharp and witty ... Very well done -- Lionel Shriver * Telegraph * Very funny ... A convincing, moving portrait of an evolving relationship between mother and adult son * Guardian * A charming portrait of fractured families and contemporary mores. ... Sutcliffe writes with such sharpness and wit . . . Whatever Makes You Happy is a delight * Mail on Sunday * Everyone in my family, from my teenaged daughter to my husband and mother-in-law, has got something out of it besides laughter -- Amanda Craig * Independent * A moving meditation on miscommunications between sexes, across generations and over dinner tables * Financial Times * Brilliantly observed, howlingly funny and, if you have a son, all too recognisable * Woman & Home *


Generi Parenting & Family » Marriage & Relationships , Music & Entertainment » Humor Books , Literature & Fiction » Modern Fiction

Editore Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 08/08/2019

Pagine 304

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781526608352

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