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Sunny's technique is that there is no technique, only creativity, free flowing, consciousness streams,
as a child, with no one dictating, influencing the behaviour of what to do or not do, right or wrong.
Historically Art has advanced in this direction, from the Renaissance, Realism to impressionism,
surrealism, abstract expressionism, where art dances with the dynamics of its culture and market.
Why do we see no abstraction from Botticelli or Leonardo da Vinci? Who were their sponsors?
What was the concept of Freedom that existed in Europe during those times Monseigneur?
Who directed Salons to disregard the painting of Gauguin or Van Goch, yet embrace Dali?
Why is Picasso valued in $100 millions today, yet artists creating here now receive nothing?
I once observed in a room in a Place in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a most renowned artist painting
on canvas, a traditional scene of King and God, and realised these images were identifying~
in fact, defining for a culture, their view of what God and the King appeared as. I was happy
that I was painting in a fully abstract way so that the energy vibrations coming from the art
would resonate with the viewer, and God was an undefined, multi-dimensional frequency ~
Ultimately, originally, infinitely, creatively beyond the limited thinking of our human minds.
How to arrive at that inner realisation when art is so bound up with materialism and thought?
Art is a response to our cultural demands. The King and Church have determined our realities.
The concept of True Freedom is different for each tradition and country but also the same, same.
Sunny is fully open to the synchronous, symbiotic, Universal, experiencing itself in form and colour
and intuitive Space, to let the streaming of our deep subconscious be allowed to be free to exist, as it is.
This state is accepted in many versions of art, music, poetry, dance, beyond cultural-state propaganda.
Today we live in a quantum physics, galactic, supernova, psychedelic, genetic child, Goddess potential.
As during the time of the discovery of the known material world as atoms, it's being transmuted into Art.
Who am I, where am I from, where am I going? Art engaging all the senses, Art is being in the moment ~
Sunny's paintings are a response to his experiences in the World, in Space, and are offered as a gift to life.
He supports Mother Earth, Pura Vida, empathy, humanity, love consciousness, freedom from evil slavery,
butterfly effects, individuality, ending of egotistic psychopathy and cabals, exploiting all Earth's resources!
Who is defining what has value in this world of illusion, putting a dollar ticket on everything that exists?
Maya, greed, corruption, aggression, who knows where it comes from; another concept made by whom?
We are all children of the Divine, each one of us free to share love, to give and take, becoming conscious.
What is life's true intention? "I don't exploit anyone," mantra, not social engineering from the shadows.
Breaking the spell of control and be free to be creative however you want, and for the good of one and all.
`Life is simple, sharing loving kindness from the heart' as a basis of communication, creativity, of love ~
Lots of smiles are good, being who you truly are and sharing it, with Pachamama, in our eternal Space
To experience this no-mind-thinking-state is to switch off unconscious levels of duality and enter a Space
of natural singularity ~ Art is becoming a meditation in action. The connection is on a deeper level, so
the intuitive dimension has been activated which transcends the perception that the mind is Absolute ~
All values programmed into the mind by society are therefore let go and we become One with the Cosmos.
This inner level also pres


Generi Arte Beni culturali e Fotografia » Cataloghi di mostre » Storia dell'arte » Storia dell'arte, Alti titoli

Editore Sunny Jetsun

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 13/11/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781910363829

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