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This textbook considers the full breadth of the criminal justice system, going beyond prisons to cover other punishments such as out-of-court disposals and community penalties, as well as issues around rehabilitation and reintegration. It offers a holistic and contemporary account of the penal system in England and Wales.

Helping students to understanding the ever-changing environment of penal policy and practice, this book not only provides a strong foundation in penal theory but also has a strong focus on actual practice. Author Karen Harrison draws on a number of interviews with people who work within or for agencies associated with the penal system, as well as accounts of prison visits that build a picture of current prison life.

Packed with helpful features, Penology includes Spotlight profiles of the penal system in countries across the globe. The text also covers a range of specific offenders, examining not just white adult men but women offenders, children and young people and BAME groups.

This is essential reading for students in England and Wales studying Penology, Punishment and Prisons at undergraduate or postgraduate level. It's also offers important insights for students of Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law and Social Science.

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