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We are proud to present the People of Color Take over FSI Special Issue! Edited by Nisi Shawl Fiction 'What Futures' by Su-Yee Lin 'Shadow Animals' by Stephen Graham Jones 'Darkout' by E. Lily Yu 'The Executioner' by Jennifer Marie Brissett 'I Understand' by Jermaine McGill 'Walking Round Money' by Paul Miles 'Serving Fish' by Christopher Caldwell 'Fortitude' by Eliza Victoria 'The Sacrifice of the Hanged Monkey' by Minsoo Kang 'Maggie Doll' by Alex Jennings 'Glass Bottle Trick' by Nalo Hopkinson 'The Great Leap of Shin' by Henry Lien 'The Palapye White Birch' by Tlotlo Tsamaase 'The Ace of Knives' by Tonya Liburd 'Legacy' by Irette Y. Patterson 'Recognizing Gabe: un cuento de hadas' by Alberto Yanez Non Fiction 'Must Watch TV: Into the Badlands' by S. Qiouyi Lu 'Rebirth, Truth-with-a-Tea, and FIYAH' by Erin Roberts 'Read Me! 7' by Terence Taylor 'Hopefulbright to the Rescue!' by Darcie Little Badger 'Star Trek's Lt. Cmmdr. Worf and His Jny of Ontological Klingon-ness' by Maurice Broaddus

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People of Color Take over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination

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